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Hey all, here's some basic info on my commissions. Of course, if you have ANY questions at all, feel free to leave me a note.

How to commission me:
note me. lol

How to pay me:
-I now take pay pal!
-If you don't have pay pal, I can also take your commission through mail. Cash or check is fine.


Lineart of headshot: $2
Lineart of waist up: $4
Lineart of full body: $5

Colored headshot: $3
Colored waist up: $5
Colored of full body: $7

Lineart of headshot: $1
Lineart of waist up: $3
Lineart of full body: $5

Colored headshot: $2
Colored of waist up: $4
Colored of full body: $6

PLEASE note me with what you want. I work with acrylics and will work on any canvas size. I work on brand new canvases, not old or used crummy ones. I can use either regular flat canvases or the canvases that are to be hung up on the wall. Up to you, just note me. Please understand that my prices will vary greatly with my paintings. They depend on size of the canvas, how much time I think I'll have to put in for the piece, and of course, how detailed you want the piece to be. NOTE ME

Chibi/Derp style
This is my derp style, also known as chibi. I think they're insanely fun to draw and I'll only charge $5. I'll fully shade/color them, full body, whatever pose, whoever you want.

Throughout high school, all I've practiced is realism. I'm willing to do portraits of people, whoever you want. Whether it be a celebrity, your friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, a pet, or even yourself. I'll do whatever in whatever medium. Note me with a photo and I'll give you a price.
-Example (old drawing, my skill has improved since then):

Character Sheets
These will come with one colored (non shaded) full body of your character. It will come with color guides, basic info on the character and 1-2 detail drawings that might be needed with your character. If there isn't much detail that needs to be provided, then I will include 1 free colored waist up of your character or anything below that (such as colored headshot, lineart of anything, etc.) Generally, I will charge $15. This includes me even creating a character for you if you don't have one already!

Some basic info:
-I will draw basically anything. Such as nudity, crack pairings, etc.
-I'm capable of drawing both humans and animals/mythological creatures. Feel free to ask!
-I draw BOTH digitally and traditionally. My mediums consist of MS Paint, Photoshop 8, Paint Tool SAI, acrylics, watercolor, colored pencil, marker, pen, pencil, charcoal, pastels. If you want any other medium that you can think of that I don't have listed, I can most likely do it. Just ask!
-Prices may vary (probably by like  $1-$5) of how detailed you want the pieces to be.
-The reason I charge extra for my digital pieces is because I work slower than I normally would on paper. I don't mind working digitally, I love it. I'm just picky with my lines and have to be OCD with what I'm doing rather than my traditional work xD
-Backgrounds! Flat colors/mixed colors are free. Simple backgrounds $2 extra, full background, price will vary depending on what you want.
-Shading! If you want shading (depending on the piece) it'll be $1-$2 extra.
-As for traditional pieces, if you want them mailed to you, I will be more than happy to mail it to you. But, I will have to charge you for it. Fear not! It is a small fee.
Examples of mailing fees:
If you ordered a simple lineart sketch, it would be $1 extra.
If it is a finished piece on paper, it would be $2.
If you commissioned me for a painting and request to have it sent to you, we'll have to discuss the pricing due to the size of the canvas.

Again if you guys have any questions just please leave a comment below or note me! :3
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valokilljoy Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2011  Student General Artist
I can afford a traditionally colored waist-up image :D
xVivaLaKimx Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2011  Student General Artist
BAH WENDIE DUN YOU DARE. I feel bad.. But then again it's only $4 LOL.
I'd be glad to do one fer you, missy.
Note me wif details pl0x
valokilljoy Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2011  Student General Artist
xVivaLaKimx Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011  Student General Artist
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August 19, 2011